Terms and Conditions

SHVC Once In A Lifetime Offer

This promotion is valid for up to 50% off the per point value of a purchase up to 100,000 points for the first twenty (20) full members who make the purchase. Percent discount varies per points package. To make a qualified purchase, you must make a full payment or begin payment plan immediately. Path Resorts will contact customers to process payment plan if applicable. Path Resorts will make one time payment of $300 of member's maintenance fees only if full payment of package is made at time of purchase. Maintenance fee discount is not applicable to purchases made with payment plan. This promotion is limited to 100,000 points per contract. Promotion will be closed after the first twenty (20) are sold. This offer will end on 06/30/20 regardless of how many promotions are sold. Promotion only applies to and is intended for a Current Primary Contact Designee of beneficial memberships of a premium tier held with the Steele Hill Vacation Trust. Participating member's account must be in good standing and must have all financial obligations held current. This offer can only be purchased by existing members and cannot be used to create a new account. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon or promotion. Standard increment of annual member dues and reserve applies.

Stress Less. Vacation More.

As a member of Path Vacations, you will enjoy exceptional accommodations and hospitality as well as flexible booking options that fit your travel style. Relax, unwind, and reset year after year amidst the magnificent beauty of the Lakes Region and beyond. Become a member and start creating vacation memories that last a lifetime.

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