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We're reopening to Members on May 8, 2020

As coronavirus has spread around the world, we have been amazed at the outpouring of solidarity throughout our community and those all over the globe. Just like you, we are facing challenges during these uncertain times and remain hopeful for the future.

We have recently received clarification from public officials that timeshare is considered owned property and that Members may continue to vacation at their home resorts. At this time, we will reopen to Members only with reservations at home resorts (Steele Hill Resort and the Summit Resort) beginning on May 8 and beyond. Please read on below for special health and safety protocols we will put in place to adhere to federal and state guidelines.

Smmit Room
  • All common areas and amenities will remain closed to guests until permitted by public health and safety advisory.
  • State and federal guidelines only permit Members named on contracts to use the resort during their checked-in stay. This means no day use is permitted during the duration of emergency orders, and only the primary contact on an account can check in for the reserved stay.
  • Non-member stays will not be permitted during the state's emergency orders. Direct rentals and gifting of reserved stays by Members are also suspended per state and federal guidelines. All time placed in rental pools by owners during the period that non-member stays are disallowed will be returned to the owner's account for future use.
  • To ensure the safety of our guests and staff, all operations staff has been specially trained and equipped with proper protective and sterilization equipment and tools.
  • Reservations staff will be working with operations staff under a coordinated protocol to ensure all rooms remain vacant for an adequate period of time to allow for proper deep cleaning.
  • Guests making future reservations need to understand that all reservations will be subject to special discretion for alteration, rescheduling or cancellation in the event that operations staff determines that the reservation as booked could potentially reduce the adherence to strict health and safety protocol. Alterations can be made unilaterally by operations staff.
  • Members whose reservations are cancelled due to health and safety concerns will have their points or week(s) returned to their account for future use.
  • Members whose reservations are altered for health and safety concerns can opt to cancel their reservation and have their points or week(s) returned to their account for future use.
  • All lobbies and public indoor amenities including pools and fitness centers must remain closed. All playgrounds remain in a mandated state of closure as well. 
  • No maid service will be performed during these stays but supplies to freshen up your suite can be provided per request. 
  • If you've booked a reservation with Interval International during the closure, your week will be honored and valid for use for up to 2 years. Interval international will not accept reservations during the closure but will begin accepting weeks starting May 1.
  • If you have a reservation booked with RCI please call RCI to ensure that the resort to which you are traveling has not been affected by the pandemic. RCI will continue to accept reservations for outbound exchange during the closure period. Availabilities may be limited in certain areas due to closures. Please visit rci.com for their latest cancellation and change policies.

For Members of Steele Hill:

  • The 500 acres of hiking trails at Steele Hill Resort are in excellent shape, the pond is open and the fish are on their way.
  • The golf course at Steele Hill Resort remains in a mandated state of closure but lawn games like horseshoes and volleyball are open. Tennis and basketball courts will also remain open to groups of less than ten (10) people at a time.
  • The Hilltop Restaurant will remain closed but The Market is providing an expanded selection of provisions for delivery. Every room has a kitchen and outdoor grill stations will all be ready for your stay.
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We're in this together

We understand that isolation is hard. We hope that giving our Members the opportunity for a change of scenery and a chance to get closer to nature will help to recharge your batteries and return a sense of normalcy to your lives. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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