Vacation Points
Vacation Points

How Vacation Points Work

When you become a Path Vacations Member, you receive annual allotments of Premium Club Vacation Points. Your Vacation Points work just like currency and can be used to book vacations in any of the three premier Steele Hill Home Resorts or in our network of thousands of vacation destinations worldwide. And with no season restrictions or room type restrictions, your options are endless!

New Points Each Year

A huge benefit of points-based vacation ownership is that your Vacation Points are renewed every year.  We make it easy for you to plan vacations ahead of time, whether you want to visit a favorite destination year after year or travel to new, exotic locales. You’ll have the peace of mind that your vacation is guaranteed to happen, and the freedom to choose when, where, and how long.

Roll Over Points

Another great advantage of membership is flexibility. Each year your annual allotment of Vacation Points renews and unused Points can also roll over into the next year to increase your pool.  This allows members to accrue extra points or to use them when the time is right. Points last 2 years – which is a year longer than most other vacation clubs.  Travel on a whim OR plan that BIG trip you’ve been dreaming about.  

Add or Borrow More Points Anytime

When planning for that once in a lifetime vacation, or maybe you want to bring a large group with you on vacation, it’s never a problem. As a member of Path Vacations, if your plans call for more Points than your annual allotment, you have the option to borrow Points from the following year's balance or to purchase extra.

Your Vacation Club Points are the most flexible, simple and sophisticated form of vacation ownership. No matter what kind of vacation you want to take each year, Points allow you to customize every trip to suit your needs. No strings attached.  Membership in Path Vacations is designed to put your vacation dreams first every time.


Stress Less. Vacation More.

As a member of Path Vacations, you will enjoy exceptional accommodations and hospitality as well as flexible booking options that fit your travel style. Relax, unwind, and reset year after year amidst the magnificent beauty of the Lakes Region and beyond. Become a member and start creating vacation memories that last a lifetime.

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