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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do before I book my first

If you set up your account at then your account is now ready. Whether you are planning a stay to one of your home resorts or you are going to transfer your points to your exchange account, you will first need to pay your annual members dues. Those with monthly loan installments must also make sure that all (if any) loan payments are current. That's it. 


When will my exchange account be ready?

RCI can take up to 10 business days to prepare your account on When your RCI account is ready, RCI will inform your advocate and you will receive and email (or text if you have activated SMS messaging) with details.


When can I start to use resort amenity country club package?

Only Club Premium members enjoy day usage of the resort amenities. As long as all financial obligations are current, Club Premium members can begin using the resort amenities immediately. Specific rules regarding daily usage can be found in your club rules guide. These documents are located in the documents section of your online account.


What is the best way to make payments?

The best way to make payments from both dues and loans is to set up auto payments on you online account at it is also possible to make one-time dues payments at Payments for both dues and loans can also be made over the phone by calling 603-581-2391 (option 4).

What are my dues payments for?

You are now a member of a trust which maintains resorts for your use, exchange affiliations both directly with other resorts and RCI and all of the services required to support your account (central reservations, contract specialists, accounting, insurance, legal and compliance, etc.). If you are a member of Path Vacations, you will see several items on your financial statements.

  • Club Dues: a flat amount for every member. This money generally supports shared services for members such as the central reservations department, legal and accounting.
  • Club MF: This amount is calculated based upon the number of points a member has. This money is generally used to pay for the physical resort's operation and repair, insurance...etc.
  • Capital Reserve: A capital is often required by law in many stated for associations of owners. This money is generally set aside for major renovations and repairs (well replacement, new roofing, furnishing and repaving...etc.). Maintaining a capital reserve fund is a responsible way to protect the shared asset and avoid unscheduled assessment charges.
  • RCI Dues: This is the amount that each member pays annually to maintain a world wide exchange account with RCI. Path Vacations collects this money and passes it onto RCI fully on each member's behalf as a service. It is not required that a member maintain an RCI in order to keep their membership with Path Vacations. 


What do I do if I need more information?

You can find almost all of you account information: loan payment details, contract details, important documents, reservation and payments history, upcoming confirmations, Member dues accounting and bookings availability on your account at If you need anything else, don't hesitate to contacts us. Visit to set up a meeting with your member advocate.

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