As winter loosens its icy grip on the New Hampshire landscape, there's a sweet anticipation in the air – it's maple syrup season!

Across the picturesque Lakes Region and its surrounding areas, the forests come alive with the age-old tradition of tapping maple trees and transforming their sap into liquid gold. 

This annual ritual not only yields delicious maple syrup but also provides an opportunity for locals and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of maple sugaring. Here are five sugar shacks in the Granite State where you can experience this sweet tradition firsthand:

  1. Heritage Farm Pancake House: Just down the road from Steele Hill Resort, Heritage Farm Pancake House has been serving up delicious, wood-fired syrup since 2003. Here, not only can you enjoy fresh, NH made maple syrup but also a pancake breakfast to go with it. Families can also visit the Fiddlefern Petting Farm where kids can learn more about the animals and even participate in a morning or evening feeding. Once your bellies and hearts are full, be sure to grab a bottle of maple syrup or another souvenir on your way out to remember the experience.

  2. Fadden's General Store & Sugar House: With over a century of sugaring experience, Fadden's Sugar House is a beloved institution in North Woodstock. Take a guided tour during Maple Weekend or when the sugar house is boiling, learn about the traditional and modern methods of maple syrup production, and indulge in a pancake breakfast served with their own freshly-made syrup next door at Peg's Family Restaurant. It's a delightful experience for the whole family.

  3. Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm: More than just a farm, Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm in Tamworth offers a glimpse into the agricultural heritage of New Hampshire. During maple syrup season, visitors can join guided tours (when posted) and learn about the historic methods of maple sugaring. Afterward, explore the farmstead and enjoy hands-on activities for all ages. The farm also offers special events like Maple: New Hampshire's Medicine of Connection.

  4. Just Maple: Located in the charming town of Tilton, Just Maple is a must-visit destination for maple enthusiasts. Step into their welcoming sugar shack to witness the art of maple syrup production, from tree to table. Be sure to explore their diverse selection of maple products, including syrup, candies, and more, all crafted with care and tradition.

  5. Sunnyside Maples: Sunnyside Maples in Loudon offers a delightful maple syrup experience. Visitors can tour the sugar house, learn about the maple sugaring process, and enjoy samples of their delicious syrup. Don't miss the chance to explore their maple gift shop for unique maple-inspired treats and gifts.

  6. Windswept Maples: Windswept Maples, also located in Loudon, invites visitors to experience the beauty and tradition of maple sugaring. Take a tour of their sugar house and see firsthand how maple sap is transformed into syrup. Afterward, browse their selection of maple products and take home a taste of New Hampshire's finest sweetness.

Whether you're a seasoned syrup enthusiast or a first-time visitor, New Hampshire's maple syrup season promises a sweet escape into nature's bounty.

From the fragrant forests to the bustling sugar shacks, there's no better time to indulge in the timeless tradition of maple sugaring and savor the taste of pure, local sweetness. 

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