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On April 13, 2024, Summit Resort members (Summit Owners Association and Summit Winni) voted to accept the proposed reorganization plan to transition into Path Vacations' club.

This transition represents an exciting new era for all Summit Resort members, and we are pleased to see that members will get some relief from the ever-escalating costs of resort operations and fulfillment services. 

Throughout the next few months, the Path Vacations team will be working on administrative processes necessary to support this transition, as well as communications to members regarding the process and onboarding.

This page will serve as a central hub to access all communications, important documents and contact information for the Member Advocates should members have any questions. 

We are incredibly excited to welcome Summit Members to the Path Vacations family, and we look forward to bringing you even better vacation experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to our most frequently asked membership transition questions.

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New Member Guide

View our New Member Guide for information on how to use your new membership.

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Summit Winni Members

More information for Summit Winni Members regarding the membership transition.

Contact the Member Advocates

We understand that many questions will come up throughout the reorganization process. Our dedicated Member Advocate team is here to help answer questions and offer assistance accessing any documents and resources you may need.

To get in touch with our team give us a call at 603-242-2861 Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., send an email to, or you can click here to schedule a call at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we are all aware, economic conditions have been unfavorable for the last few years. These market forces have accelerated the need to seek long term protections for members’ interest. Inflation has greatly elevated all expenses under the current structure, and members are obligated to bear the burden of these escalations each year in a manner that is not possible to mitigate. The Board is looking to avoid the type of single-year increases to member’s financial obligations that we saw in September of 2021. Spikes in utilities and major administrative costs created a 13% increase in each member’s association fees. Additionally, while maintaining an independent active sales program to replace enrollments is cost prohibitive, it is important for members to hold their interests in a trust that is capable of offsetting increase in expense due to attrition with new member enrollments. Lastly, the SOA Board seeks to greatly enhance each member’s interval. The new beneficial interests proposed will deliver many new benefits while allowing members to retain all previous rights. We have arrived at this junction by leveraging our collective bargaining power and partnering with the well established Path Vacations Club. As a premier vacation club operator in the area, Path Vacations will guarantee all rights and offer terms that will only benefit members without making any sacrifices.

Yes. Any member who maintains an active exchange account will be able to exchange via Interval International in much the same manner that they do currently. Simply book a reservation at any of the three resorts in the Path Vacations group (Summit, Steele Hill or Center Harbor Inn) and submit the reservation to Interval for exchange buying power. Members will enjoy significantly increased exchange buying power as every member will receive an annual points balance equivalent to a Summer Red Week at the Summit. In addition, members will gain access to reserve over ten different types of units across the three Path Vacations resorts which will make it easier to secure appropriate backing for any exchange. Once members receive their new Path Vacations Club points package, they will also be able to add new exchange accounts, such as RCI, to their membership if they do not already have one prior to the transition.

Yes. Once members receive their new Path Vacations Interval they will be able to reserve almost all room types across Path Vacations’ three resorts. Members will be able to place any reservation, in any room type available, at any of the three resorts into the owner rental pool. This will significantly increase members’ access to high quality rental pool inventory

The reorganization is enhancing the average point value of flex members, not reducing the value of fixed members. Fixed members will still be provided guarantees to their specific week/unit that they have always enjoyed. The new points system provides greater opportunities for making reservations and also allows owners to bank their points balances for up to two years with the additional ability to then transfer them into an exchange account. Overall, value and flexibility is improved for all owner types.

Points will be loaded into a member’s account annually. All inventory is assigned a corresponding points value based on size of unit, resort location and demand cycles. For example, red weeks at the Summit are valued at 70,500 points. As long as a member is current with their maintenance fees, they will simply login to and book their week from any available location in the club (Summit Resort, Steele Hill Resort and the Center Harbor Inn) or call the dedicated reservations line and have a reservations agent assist them with the booking. If the member has an exchange account, the reservations staff can also assist with transferring points to the exchange affiliate. Fixed time members will retain rights to book their specific week/unit at the Summit, and they will also have the option to book elsewhere and explore the other Path Vacations properties.

Points have a 2-year expiration period. At the end of that period, members have the option to store their points for an additional fee using our Points Protect program, and also reserve the right to transfer their points to their exchange affiliate to further extend their usable life or use them to reserve inventory in the rental pool to offset member dues expenses.

You can check in any day of the week based on availability. As a Path Vacations member, you can reserve 2-14 consecutive nights depending on the resort where you will be staying. All Path Vacations properties have a 14-night maximum. The minimums are as follows:

  • Steele Hill Resort has a 2-night minimum stay
  • Summit Resort has a 4-night minimum stay
  • Center Harbor Inn has a 4-night minimum stay

Yes, you will have access to the same member portal at Once the transition is complete, you can use the member portal to book a vacation directly online, make payments and manage your account.

Day usage is available at Steele Hill Resort and the Summit Resort. Access to the beach and amenities at the Center Harbor Inn is only provided to guests staying onsite.

Day usage will fall under the current reservations system maintained by each resort. For large amenities like the main indoor pools at Steele Hill and the Summit, we will ask members to call and reserve a spot in advance. Based on demand, certain time slots may be time limited.

Yes, the updated membership will be a Beneficial Interest in a Trust and each owner will be provided a Certificate of Beneficial Interest.

Yes, the updated membership will be a Beneficial Interest in Trust in perpetuity.

Yes, the new ownership will be fully transferable to children and third parties.

Yes, the same Member Advocate team that serviced the previous Summit members will be available to assist with resources to help sell and transfer Path Vacations memberships.

The Member Advocates are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. They can be reached by phone at 603-242-2861, by email at or you can click here to schedule a call at your convenience.

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